Summer Fruit Dessert (Photo)

Cottage cheese, fresh fruits sliced (mango and grapes), sugar, cardamom and saffron spice, chopped toasted nuts, cold milk.

To make paneer or home made cottage cheese boil 2 percent milk. Add lemon juice to curdle the boiling milk. Switch off the flame, add ice cubes to escalate the separation of milk solids from the whey. Let it cool. Strain the water, collect the cheese in cheese cloth and hang the cheese cloth for a few hours. Refrigerate the cheese. Take pinch of saffron leaflets and soak them in small amount approximately 1/4th cup of cold milk.

Fine grate the cheese. Add sugar, ground cardamom. Now alternate layers of cottage cheese and cut fruits. Soak each layer with saffron milk. Top with chopped nuts. Serve chilled.

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