Halstatt - Austria (Photo)

In Summer of 2015...

We did not paraglide from the mountains of Dachstein Krippenstein (2100 meters)

We did not go to the musical ice concert amidst bizarred ice formations in the ice caves

We did not visit the oldest salt mine in the world, dug 3000 years ago

We did take the ferry from the station to Halstatt,

We did stay in the hotel overlooking the margket square, lined with stores selling salt in fancy bottles, cosy cafes serving Das Bier,  brimming with tourists from far east corners of the world.

We did visit the Archaelogical finds from the Celtic and Roman times and a Middle Ages cellar unearthed by chance, in one of the Sport goods shops.

We did walk to Obertraun nearby town to see parts of lake, to discover white washed houses, with wooden carved window boxes holding vibrant flower blooms.

When we did hike all the way to the 5 fingers to see panoramic views of Hallstarttersee lake,

We said to ourselves, No wonder! why this small town of not more than 900 families is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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