Japanese Brush Painting (Photo)

San Diego Audubon Society celebrated 20th Anniversary this year. San diego offers some of the best birding in the United States. The event was held at Mission Bay Park. I visited during Family day which was free to public. During this festival aficionados could learn about wild bird photography, how cranes learn to dance and much more of course. 

On one particular instance, I sat down, next to a lady who on small sheets of paper with black ink painted birds. What was amazing as she painted is the flow of her gentle strokes. One could not tell until the very end, what she was painting. Her brush simply glided, like a sea gull gliding over ocean waves. What I thought resembled a blob of paint ultimately turned out to be the flower, the bird pirched upon. 

No surprise. She had been painting for many years. Friends of Taka Sumi-e is an art society dedicated to studying and sharing the art of Japanese brush painting. I admired her concentration as she painted. She still takes lessons at the art society, as she confessed how difficult the art can be to master.

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