Lattice Flower Arrangement (Photo)

What goes in an artist's mind? How is any artist able to continuously produce work that forces us to stop and wonder in awe? A mysterious combination of skill, discipline, desire and an innate ability to forsee what others cannot see in things around them, seems like a plausible method that might lie behind each of his creations. For a moment, let us be blind to the posted pictures. Lets pretend we have some time on our hands. Lets also be given a tool box of :

  • Black frame 
  • Anthuriums and Lillies
  • Palm leaves 
  • Gota [decorative gold tape used in Indian sarees, traditionally]
  • Wooden twigs
  • Acrylic containers.

Now, the million dollar question is ... could any of us create something unique that could flood an empty space with beauty and joy?

Maybe and maybe not. What transcends from this is that there is a potential in each one of us to create something unique.

The important thing is to realize the prowess of the 'beautiful mind'. Its true, those who do, are successful at ventures like '' - check them out!

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