Pony Balloon Twister (Video)

Balloon twisting is a useful skill for kids parties when you want to be the best dad/mom or uncle/aunt in the world, or as a side gig (on some sites I’ve seen professional balloon twisters charge as much as $150 per hour for events, so if you can find a steady stream of clients it could be a lucrative business). Even as a hobby, watching someone do a balloon sculpture is entertaining and sure to bring a smile to faces. I like to make balloon animals because it’s an inexpensive, relaxing way to pass the time…after developing the skills to minimize the balloons from popping. I first got interested in ballooning when I was still dating my wife in college. We went out to eat and there was a balloonist at the restaurant. I thought to myself that I could do that. I got a beginner’s kit, with a basic balloon twisting book and started making dogs, swords, swans, and other basic animals. Eventually I figured this would be a nice and inexpensive treat to give out for Halloween. I think nowadays you can get an assorted bag of 100 for about $7 online, so about 7 cents a balloon. Every Halloween the kids would come to the door and they were so happy about receiving something different from our house. Once and a while, the children would ask if I can make specific characters. Of course as a beginner at the time I could only pass out the single balloon dog or sword. I decided to learn more balloon twisting techniques. I think I pretty much narrowed it down to about 9 different twists: 3-link lock, 3-link roll through, Flower pedal, Pinch twist, Twist a pinch twist to sacrifice the center, Apple twist, Poodle tail, Twisting with a nugget, and Weaving. Then I learned how to twist some generic parts, like a dog’s foot, a character’s hand, bird faces, monkey heads, princess hair, etc. I had to figure out how to incorporate the twists to make an animal, character or item. Finally I got to a point where I think I can make most requests, with the caveat that there are plenty of balloon twisters who are more skillful and have mastered more complicated sculptures than me. But I can hold my own. When I was thinking about making my first balloon twisting video, I wanted to show some of my skills, without making something too complicated. I decided on a pony character I learned from Donald Tran, a local San Diego professional balloon artist, magician, and hypnotist. (magicofdonald). I hope you enjoy the video.