Balloon Ride (Photo)

Around labor day a whole pack of hot air balloons landed in our neighborhood.
A couple of years when me and my husband visited San diego we took a balloon ride, and we must have landed around here (approx del mar), at the time there were no homes built.
Now there is still vacant land around our neighborhood near the canyons where human inhabitation has not subsumed it.

It was a fantastic ride then, and a fantastic sight even now. When we first moved to San Diego I remember we had to run outside to make sure our 2 year old son could see how the balloon landed from the sky. For him balloons only flew away UP (as in the movie) in the air. The mystery in his head was the reversed travel, from sky to the ground.

I still feel elated when I see these colorful thermal airships fly past us. Back in the 1700s the first flight by the french men was a spectacular milestone in courage, adventure and engineering. Countless failed attempts must have been made to have one successful flight. Trying to make a quadcopter two years back was an ambitious undertaking by our son.

I admire the passion he demonstrated to attempt to make one at a young age. Some day he will get around to completing it meanwhile I will continue to stop each time a balloon lands in our backyard (practically) or bemuse my self at 2D balloon like space ship floats in Miyazaki's films.

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