Watercolor Painting (Photo)

The painting is a derivation from a greeting card, scaled up on a brown paper canvas.
What is striking are the traditional common day items that Indian rural homes have, such as the earthen pots to keep water cool and decorative bird hanging sewn from tatters around the home. Background splash is bright, reminiscent of ebullient colors of the Kutch region in Gujarat.
Water color painting involves lot of planning as there is no room for covering up unlike oil painting. Using watercolors,  the artist cannot remove the paint that was applied.
In oil painting, the darkest shades are placed prior to the lighter;
In water painting 'highlighted' areas, are achieved by generally leaving the watercolor paper ‘blank’.
In the movie "Bean", Mr. Bean sneezes on the oil painting 'Whistler's Mother' and in a series of panic attempts one after another to restore the painting, he ends up completely destroying it.
Mr. Bean replaces the original art with a poster.
Is all art valuable? When do we deem something as a piece of art? All that is pleasing to the eye? Necessarily not. And how do we as a society place so much value to one art than the other?  In the movie of course, the director made that point, when the visitors couldn't tell the difference. Agreed an overly simplified substantiation. But still a valid one in my opinion.

Art I think is also in recreation and true art always receives mixed reaction, just like the painting of 'Whistler's Mother' did.

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